🎥 Question about constituents still stuck abroad

Jason thanked the Foreign Secretary for the Foreign Offices hard work and asked to do all they can for the final remaining constituents still stuck abroad.

Jason McCartney MP

I thank the Foreign Office team for their help in getting constituents home from Vietnam and Morocco.

A couple of young constituents of mine have just made it safely to Lima for their flight home later this week, but I still have constituents stranded in Mauritius, India, Australia, Bali and New Zealand.

Will the Foreign Secretary and all his team continue to work hour by hour through the night to secure the airline capacity we need to get those constituents home?

Dominic Raab MP

My hon. Friend is absolutely right, and I thank him for his kind words. With the effort to get people out of Morocco, where we have worked with the airlines in what was a model and template for the future, we managed to get 8,500-plus passengers back home. We will seek to replicate that in all the jurisdictions he has mentioned.