Speeches in Parliament

🎥 Standing up for the Performing Arts

In Prime Ministers Questions, Jason stood up for the Performing Arts.

We are so lucky to have fab theatres, live music venues, festivals, orchestras, choirs & so many talented performers in our area & they need support! ⁦

🎥 Speaking up for our Farmers

During the debate on the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Jason spoke out for our local farmers.

🎥 Getting Justice Done

Jason asked the Lord Chancellor about measures to clear the backlog of court cases caused by the COVID pandemic.

🎥 Question on the Covid-19 Disparities

Jason started another busy week in the House of Commons with a question to the Secretary of State for Health Matt Hancock about how the R rate will dictate decisions on lockdown restrictions.

🎥 Question on the Covid-19 Response

Jason asked the Health Secretary Matt Hancock, whether he’d envisage reintroducing village or street level lockdowns if there are localised spikes in new cases of Covid 19.

🎥 Question on HK National Security

A busy day back in the House of Commons chamber, starting with a question to the Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab about the situation in Hong Kong.

🎥 Question on the latest EU Trade Negotiations

In between Zoom calls with the Secretary of State for Transport and MoneySavingExpert Martin Lewis, where I asked him about support for the self-employed and new starters - in the Virtual Parliament, I asked Michael Gove about the latest Trade Negotiations with the EU.