Jason is campaigning to get Labour run Kirklees to spend housing developer financial contributions for local infrastructure in the localities where the developments actually are.

Currently, £100,000's are disappearing into a funding black hole and communities impacted by housing developments are not getting the investments in local roads, local schools and local health services.

Developer Contributions Survey

Do you agree with Jason that infrastructure developer levies (called Section 106 funding) should be spent on local roads, local schools and local health services in the community where the development is happening?
In other words, is it fair that infrastructure developer levies from say, Brockholes, could be spent by Labour run Kirklees in Batley for example?
Are Labour run-Kirklees building houses in the right place?


🎥 Deep concerns over Labour-run Kirklees Section 106 funding

Again in the House of Commons, Jason raised his deep concerns about how Labour-run Kirklees are managing millions of pounds of developer levies, known as Section 106 funding, and how local people are losing confidence in the system as they aren’t seeing improvements in local roads, local schools and local services.