🎥 An update from sunny Westminster

Jason recorded a video update from outside Westminster Hall.

Hello, I’m Jason McCartney, Member of Parliament for Colne Valley, Holme Valley and Lindley.

I just thought I’d give you a quick update from down here in Westminster.  I’m just stood outside the entrance to the magnificent Westminster Hall and this is where we actually come and queue up at the moment if we’re going to be voting in the House of Commons chamber.

A little earlier on this afternoon I was out in Palace Yard just a few hundred yards away from me here with fellow veterans from the armed forces because it’s Armed Forces Week and it’s important during this Covid crisis that we remember all our current serving armed forces personnel that are serving around the world, and also all our fellow veterans as many of you know I served in the Royal Air Force for 10 years, I was a Royal Air Force Officer and I’m President of the Royal Air Force Association in Huddersfield, so Armed Forces Week is something that’s very important to me. 

Of course, earlier this week we had the Prime Minister announcing the latest easing of restrictions, a lot more parts of the economy will be reopening on the 4th July, please do follow the guidelines it’s important we continue to be safe as we gently ease ourselves out of the restrictions because of the Covid pandemic.

As always if you need help from me and my team please do get in touch, the email is just above this link. 

Thank you for your support and please do continue following the guidelines and be as safe as you can, thank you.