🎥 Question to the Foreign Secretary

Jason asked the Foreign Secretary about border access for constituents trying to get home.

Jason McCartney MP

I praise the Foreign Secretary for his statesmanlike approach, and I thank the SNP spokesman, the hon. Member for Stirling (Alyn Smith), for his constructive approach. It is good to see Opposition politicians rising to the occasion, just as our constituents want us to during this crisis.

I have constituents stranded in Morocco and Vietnam. Can we ensure that helplines in consulates and embassies are manned 24 hours a day to help our constituents?

I also have constituents who are in a motorhome in Portugal and looking to get home.

Can we ensure that provisions are made for crossing borders for those wanting to come home?

Dominic Raab MP

I agree with my hon. Friend about the importance of having, within the confines of a democratic institution such as this, a constructive approach, because that will make the process more effective.

We will look carefully at all the issues that he raised. He mentioned Vietnam as one of the difficult areas.

As Ministers have made clear, we are aware of a number of British nationals in quarantine—some in hotels; some in other quarantine facilities.

We are in close contact with the Vietnamese ​authorities. We are providing assistance to all those affected, and we hope to see them moved to improved and better facilities as soon as possible.

That is just one illustration, in pretty challenging conditions, of where we are working hard to ensure that his constituents and many others get the care, advice and support they need.