🎥 Lloyds Bank Branch closure in Holmfirth

Jason was appalled to hear that Lloyds are set to close their branch in Holmfirth in April.  Jason raised it in Parliament yesterday and will be meeting a Senior Director next week.

Our High Streets need community banking.

Transcript Below;

Jason McCartney MP

Can I add my voice to calls for a debate on bank branch closures.

Because Lloyds banking group announced dozens of branch closures yesterday, including one in Holmfirth in my constituency. At a time when the government is investing in rejuvenating our high streets we really need to debate Lloyds banking group, who are making £2.2 billion in statutory profit and can afford a remuneration package of £6.3 million for their boss, surely they should be investing in community banking.

Jacob Rees-Mogg, Lord President of the Council and Leader of the House of Commons

I’m grateful to the honorable gentleman for his important question, as I said, the economic section of the treasury is meeting MP’s to discuss this.  It is important that people have access to banking services but it is ultimately a commercial decision for the banks.