🎥 Jason calls for rail investment

As the Government is meeting to decide the future of HS2, Jason called for wide-ranging rail investment across our area to increase capacity and improve reliability.

Transcript below;

Jason McCartney MP

Mr Speaker, when the Secretary of State meets the Prime Minister and Chancellor later to discuss HS2, will he, of course, be stressing it’s all about capacity but will he also stress it's not either or as well as HS2 we need the transpennine upgrade we need northern powerhouse rail we need a direct Huddersfield to London service and we also need to upgrade the Huddersfield, Penistone, Sheffield line.  This would show this governments real true commitment to levelling up our county and our economy.

Paul Maynard Parliamentary Under-Secretary (Department for Transport)

Well like any good northerner, I read my newspaper from the sports pages backwards so I haven’t got to the HS2 stories yet so I can’t really comment on what that might include. We need a drumbeat of improvements across the north and our rail investment, starting with transpennine rail upgrade, moving on to northern powerhouse rail and then who knows what next.