🎥 It’s time to Get a Grip of Law and Order!

It’s time to Get a Grip of Law and Order!

Jason McCartney MP

My constituents, who have been doing the right thing and making huge sacrifices to restrict the spread of the virus, have been watching the events in London over the past two weekends with a mixture of disbelief and anger.

I join them in demanding that the Mayor of London gets a grip, and if he will not, will my right hon. Friend step in and get a grip?

Priti Patel MP

My hon. Friend is absolutely right. The British public have made enormous sacrifices throughout the covid crisis, and it is right, as I have said, that the sacrifices they have made and the hard-won gains we have made as a country in tackling coronavirus are not ​lost through these gatherings.

He is right, and I, too, would urge the Mayor of London, as I have been doing —as have the police, and the Met commissioner as well—to stand firm and discourage these gatherings.

Quite frankly, if the Mayor of London is not prepared to do that, then we will absolutely do that, and fill that void.