Coronavirus - COVID-19 support

Coronavirus - Government response

Matt Hancock our Health Secretary, his team, and our scientific advisers are working round the clock to analyse and assess the evolving situation to ensure the Government are taking the best decisions to support the people of the United Kingdom.

Matt, and the Prime Minister have, and will continue to, follow the advice of our world leading scientists to support their decision making. 

The best thing we can all do to protect ourselves and those we love is to follow the official advice.

Our goal is clear. The over-riding objective is to protect life. We must all do everything in our power to tackle this virus.

We have carried out some of the highest number of tests in Europe, our surveillance testing is among the most sophisticated in the world and the UK’s plans for the rapid response to and mitigation of the spread of an epidemic are ranked number one above any other country by the Global Health Security Index.

This week we will publish our emergency bill, so that the Government has the temporary powers it needs to help us all get through this. The powers we will ask for ensure we are ready to deal with a worst case scenario - which may not be needed but which we do need to prepare for.

It is possible that we will all be asked to make sacrifices, to protect ourselves and others, particularly those most vulnerable to this disease - the older and those with certain underlying conditions. 

I and my small team will be working on behalf of all the constituents of Colne Valley, and all UK citizens - to that end I have created a set of web pages which I will keep up-to-date with the latest advice and guidance for you, for employers and for businesses. 

For the very latest news, please see the NHS website,