🎥 Another busy day in the Virtual House of Commons

Another busy day in the Virtual House of Commons.

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Hello, I’m Jason McCartney, Member of Parliament for Colne Valley, Holme Valley and for Lindley

I’m all dressed up in my spare bedroom today, because I was on the order paper for PMQ’s.

I don't know if you realise, there is a ballot every week, I was drawn question number 27.

Unfortunately though, Mr Speaker only got to question number 23 today so I just missed out.  I was all ready to ask the Prime Minister about parents and teachers’ concerns and worries ahead of the planned phased re-opening of primary schools for some year groups from the 1st June.

First thing this morning I had a conference zoom call with local business people, the Huddersfield Improvement District team so that was very, very useful and coming up I’ve got a conference call with a Treasury Minister talking about concerns and support for local business people.  Of course good news yesterday that the furloughing scheme is going to be extended through to October.

We’ve also got legislation going through the Virtual House of Commons today, so we will be voting on the Agriculture Bill, so the first time that virtual voting has been used during this COVID pandemic.

As always, if you do need my help, please do get in touch, the email address is above this video.

Thank you for all your support but please do continue to follow the guidance and please do stay safe thank you.